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Sumanth Vakada - Qualetics

Sumanth Vakada

Founder & CEO

Sumanth Vakada

I am a technology innovator and leader, that has worked in multiple business domains delivering both products and services with successful results. I had the opportunity to launch technology products off the ground and also successfully manage and enhance products to continue on a growth trajectory.

I founded Qualetics Data Machines, with over 20 years of deep technology domain experience working with data heavy systems. Data is ubiquitous now more than ever and every entity is a data producer or consumer if not both. Having a Data strategy along with an Intelligence strategy is crucial for every organization that’s heading into the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is driven by information. This doesn’t mean every company needs to become a Data and AI company, but they do need to have a Data & AI strategy similar to any other core business strategy.

Mike Fowler

Qualetics’ commercial success has everything to do with how well we help our partners and clients apply AI innovations to help their businesses. In my 30 plus years at companies like McGraw-Hill/Standard & Poors, Kaplan, and Thomson Reuters I’ve had the pleasure of working with brilliant people applying new technologies to reinvent businesses and solve complex client problems.

Working with brilliant people applying cutting edge technologies to complex business problems continues with our work at Qualetics. And it’s in that work we’ve been able to apply the same qualities that made the Software as a Service software delivery method so popular to a Data Intelligence as a Service delivery model. The gulf between the inspiring work of ideating AI innovations and mining their value requires navigating a lot of implementation challenges. We can help.

Mike Fowler - Qualetics

Mike Fowler

Chief Commercial Officer

Thought Leadership Blogs

EdTech - What Can AI Do For You...

Yet another research study is highlighting the increasing adoption rate of AI. This study commissioned by IBM released just last month (May, 2021) shows almost one third of the over 5,500 companies represented are using artificial intelligence (AI) and over half say their companies are exploring AI.

- Mike Fowler

Analyzing Customer Engagement with Qualetics AI Management System

The key to the success of any product or service where the primary mode of engagement is digital interaction and the one important factor that the product owner has to be always aware of is Customer Engagement.

- Sumanth Vakada

AI Management System - Part 1: The Fundamentals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a discipline, technology or a buzzword has been present in our collective mindset for a good part of the last two decades. The importance of AI in enhancing business processes, decision support systems, risk management, and more.

- Sumanth Vakada

Learning Effectiveness in the Time of Covid: AI Impact on Education

Covid-19 is replacing traditional classrooms with virtual learning, and this sudden shift in the education system is causing difficulties for students, teachers, and parents. Read how AI is enacting as an extended arm in adapting these unprepared changes.

- Mike Fowler

Scaling AI in Retail - How can Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Leverage AI for Business Growth?

Scaling AI in retail can transform the retail landscape for customers as well as sellers by driving customer engagement and giving actionable insights to retailers.

- Sumanth Vakada

An Evolution towards Intelligent Technology

The evolution of intelligent technology is the future of automation. The implementation of great leadership architecture followed with strong innovation, communication, and governance can enhance how we use technology today, and help in making future untended decisions.

- Sumanth Vakada

A Reformed Idealist’s AI Prediction for 2020

Reformed idealist you ask?  Being an idealist can make for more interesting company so it wasn’t easy to admit evolving to embrace my pragmatic side.  Consistent with my newfound pragmatism I’ll start with an observation then dive into my AI prediction for 2020 and why I’ve arrived at this forecast.

- Mike Fowler

Enterprise AI: Why organizations fail in scaling AI and How to do it right?

According to market research firm IDC, spending on cognitive and AI systems globally will reach $57.6 billion in 2021. 2019 has been a good year for AI with many business thinking of it more from a strategy point of view than mere technology adoption.

- Sumanth Vakada