Why Not Provide Product Management With the Product Performance and User Behavior Analytics They Need?

Too often Product Managers struggle to find the tools they need to understand the customer experience they manage and to proactively improve the value their solutions deliver.

How can Qualetics’ help Product Managers deliver more impact and value from their solutions?

It starts with embedding intelligence into your products so they play an active role in delivering valuable insights to you and all the other stakeholders responsible for the customer experience. No more trying to collect data from customer support, IT, customer surveys, and focus groups to try and understand the impact your product is having on customers. Some of the insights and features Qualetics provides includes.

Some of the insights Qualetics provides includes:

  • Constant flow of insights on errors/defects, latency issues, and user flow friction..
  • State-of-the-art machine learning that analyzes user flow efficiency and error/defect classification to inform prioritization.
  • Customer and user-specific utilization to help monitor product impact..
  • Proactive notification features to keep you in the loop as activity is streaming so you don’t have to be glued to analytics dashboards to catch urgent issues that deserve attention.

With the kind of intelligence that Qualetics embeds into your solutions you align and enable all stakeholders to proactively manage your solutions to customer-focused outcomes:

Better Customer Outcomes, Faster

All stakeholders have access to the same up-to-the-second insights reporting customer activity without relying on customers reporting issues.

Constant Positive Progress:

Qualetics’ Software Quality Index provides constant feedback on how effective your customer experience is, through every bug fix, version change, or enhancement.

Raise the Customer IQ of Your Organization:

You can’t be sitting next to every user monitoring how your solution is responding to every action they think they should be taking. But Qualetics can and it will add intelligent analytics that proactively communicates with Product Management and all the other stakeholders.

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