Why Does IT Leadership Need Product Performance and User Behavior Analytics?

The best IT leaders and their staff want to accomplish two very important functions, build better products and find ways to better serve the rest of the organization. They understand if they can help the rest of the organization better communicate and work with IT, everyone wins!

How can Qualetics’ help the IT organization build better products?

Imagine having customer experiences that you embed intelligence into that informs you of errors/defects, latency, and user friction as it happens. No waiting around to see what problems customers report, you know about everything, the good, the bad, and everything in between! 

Some of the insights Qualetics provides includes:

  • Analysis of user flows that highlight those that are interrupted or stopped prematurely.
  • Immediate access to every action any user has taken allowing you to understand the genesis of defect or user flow issues with rare clarity and without relying on customer support or the user describing what happened.
  • Details on the quality of your product experience across platforms (SaaS, Web, mobile) and device type, operating systems, and browser.
  • A broad array of insights you can share with product management, customer service, sales and marketing, and individuals across your staff democratizing data and insights across your organization to anyone who could benefit from it.

With a constant flow of up-to-the-second analytics Qualetics delivers product performance and user behavior insights that help you:

Proactively Improve
Your Products

You are enabled to move from a reactive stance to a proactive one..

Improve Collaboration and

Empower all departments and staff engaged in improving the customer experience and accelerate problem identification and resolution by understanding the problem through a shared understanding of the issues..

Be a Catalyst for Growth

Show how IT can generate a positive change by empowering the rest of the organization and mastering your understanding of product performance and actively improving your customer experience.

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