Accelerate AI

In Your Company

Adopt & Scale AI in Days or Weeks Instead of Months & Years at a Fraction of the cost


Centralize Data Collection

Qualetics’ API SDKs & Data Pipelines offer secure data integration from your data sources to Qualetics, creating your own data store with real-time... Read more


Extract Intelligence from Data

Qualetics’ pre-built Insightsapply Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Data Analysis to your data delivering actionable intelligence through your own branded... Read more


Power Solutions with Data Intelligence

Qualetics’ API provided with each insight empowers you to access the data and results programmatically to power your own applications. Read more


Transform your Organization with AI

Shorten the time frames required to implement AI in your organization from months and years to weeks. Read more

The Qualetics Difference

A Data Intelligence platform to leverage Data Science for your business

Qualetics Data Intelligence Platform Dashboard
Qualetics Data Intelligence Platform Dashboard

How it works

Centralize Data Collection

  • Centralize your data across multiple sources for structured downstream data analytics
  • Qualetics’ API SDKs for secure data integration from your data sources to Qualetics
  • Dedicated data store with real-time and continuous streaming data ingestion services
  • Secure API in Javascript, NodeJs, C# or Python SDKs for real time data streaming
  • Distinct Data Channels to stream data from multiple sources to one aggregated data store

Extract Intelligence from Data

  • Access pre-built Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Qualetics Insights
  • Actionable intelligence presented through your own branded and preconfigured AI Portal
  • Built-in authorization framework, for user access based on department, role and data
  • Collaboration and communication tools to securely share and act on insights
  • Choose from our library of AI Insights for Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Utilities, e-Learning and eCommerce
  • Custom Insights developed on request

Power your solutions with Data Intelligence

  • Automated access to data and results from Qualetics Insights using our API
  • Subscribe to real-time Insights delivery using our Intelligent Message Broker
  • Generate triggered alerts and notifications based on changes in your data
  • Integrate the Qualetics portal into your B2B application using Secure SSO
  • White labeled Analytics portal for B2B offerings

Transform your organization with AI

  • Shorten the time required to Adopt & Scale AI. (See our usecases)
  • Drive multiple AI initiatives through a single AI platform across your enterprise
  • Leverage a single instance of your company-branded Qualetics platform
  • Rules-based user provisioning delivers curated AI and analytics results to staff across the enterprise
  • Realize up to 65% cost savings compared to inhouse and alternative efforts to implement AI
  • Achieve a year-over-year ROI on AI when compared to traditional Infrastructure maintenance, R&D and system enhancements
  • Realize an immediate benefit with an accelerated Proof of Concept
  • Enhance and extend a full scale solution based on the validated results of the POC

See How Qualetics Can Benefit You

Check out how Qualetics solves complex business problems, reimagines solutions and drives innovation.

Qualetics works with your Product, System or Process to gather data and processes it by leveraging deep Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, and Text Analytics, etc.

All the Actionable Analytical Insights are then presented to your team in an easy to understand dashboard, offering both top-level and micro-level insights.

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