We’re helping companies build better products

Who we are

Qualetics Data Machines was launched by a technologist with a deep perspective of what was missing for companies to achieve success in leveraging AI in their businesses.

While it’s the analytics and AI algorithms that attract everyone’s attention as though they are the shiny objects with hypnotic qualities, what matters most in achieving AI’s potential has to do with key elements important to deployment and management of AI solutions.

  • Insightful ways to visualize or package analyzed results
  • Enabling your audience to interact with the analyzed data and share their own visualized insights with others
  • Empowering the team for timely collaboration, alignment, and fact-based decision making,


With our proprietary AI-powered Analytics Engines, Qualetics is here to deliver real-time self-learning intelligence into our customer’s experience and grow their businesses. Qualetics is a one-stop-shop solution to add real-time proactive value to our customers through Software Quality Analytics, User Behavior Insights, Product Analytics Application Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Web Analytics through our holistic single Customer Data Platform experience.


Qualetics visualizes adding value and revenue growth to Startups, Technology companies and small businesses developing software.

Why do we do what we do

Most importantly, the value of analytics and AI is realized when data is democratized, the insights are actionable, consistent and delivered in real time enabling the business to understand, prioritize and act on the next best action with organizational intuition and alignment.

Qualetics makes it possible to democratize data, create actionable insights and leverage AI to productize the insights, streamlining the process of delivering data driven decision making and AI driven product features through your own customer experience.

We embody these capabilities in the Qualetics platform which is at the heart of our customer experience AI solution (CX IQ), a plug and play customer experience AI solution that helps any organization wanting to monitor, analyze, and improve their digital experience.

Though Qualetics Data Machines can help with any AI deployment, please feel free to give our CX IQ solution a try and see how Qualetics can help any company grow, and grow faster, by experiencing success with AI.