Build Better AI with Data Machines

Qualetics AI Management System can be used to build AI powered Automations and gather real time insights.

Our Data Machines enable users to build complex automations powered by AI, applied on real-time streaming data to help businesses with a ready to scale AI platform.

With built-in insights to understand usage and Governance provided by Live Analytics, Qualetics provides the fastest way to build and deploy AI for your business.

Leverage 25+ AI Models to Power your Business

Build Intelligent Systems

Ensure Security & Governance for your AI

Seamlessly Scale with AI


Build Real-Time AI Automations

Using Data Machines, we enable businesses to move from monolithic AI implementation to building complex, iterative and interactive solutions in an easy to use interface. Our step based workflows that allow chaining multiple AI models together to build AI Automations that solve business problems with AI. With just 3 steps and a host of AI models, you can start with 15000 possible AI Automations!  

Building A Data Machine

Go from nothing to a fully functional AI powered Data Machine in minutes


Pre-Built Language, Vision & Activity AI Models

Over the last few years, Qualetics has developed several AI models for use in Natural Language Processing as well as Image and Activity Analysis that allows the Qualetics AI Management System to be a perfect fit for any team to use both Foundational and Advanced AI models to develop intelligent solutions. For Enterprise customers, Qualetics can fine-tune, customize, or develop models to solve unique business problems.


Monitor Your Data Behavior in Real Time

Ingesting data from multiple sources can be cumbersome and difficult to track. Qualetics addresses this by providing a Real-Time view into your data behavior enabling you to track its movement with sub-second latency. 

If Real-Time monitoring isn’t powerful enough, our Live Subscriptions can be used to proactively notify based on any data-related event you choose with parameters defined by you, the very instant the event occurs. The result of a subscription can be delivered to your inbox or any other application using Webhooks allowing you to design intelligent solutions in your software apps for your customers. 


eLearning, Customer Success, HealthCare, Supply Chain, Financial & Marketing Domains

Qualetics has developed unique AI solutions for our customers in the HealthCare, Education, Financial, Energy, Marketing and Public Sector domains. Some of the examples include – Churn Predictor for Software Solutions, an Exception Severity Predictor for Workflow; Health Risk prediction, Disease Prediction, Cardiac Risk Prediction, and Readmission Risk Prediction for HealthCare; Content Recommendation, and Engagement Scoring for eLearning; Financial Anomaly detection for the Finance sector; Industry Code classification for the Public Sector and several more models for unique business domains.


Easily build AI based Workflows

Using Data Machines, our latest feature that allows users of our platform to build unique sequential workflows based on AI models working together, you can leverage the power of AI to transform software applications, business systems, and services to deliver superior experiences to your users, increase productivity for your teams, and add AI driven decision support for business operations. 


Analyze User Behavior When AI is in Action

Leveraging AI for important Software and Business functions should be a rewarding experience for your users and Qualetics provides you with the tools to ensure that is the case. Our granular data capture of every event provides you with a detailed overview of the sequence of events for every user in every application that is connected with Qualetics. This enables you to monitor the areas where your users and systems are experiencing an improvement already and also the areas that need more attention. With Qualetics, your business can scale AI operations for the benefit of your users, without the need to develop expensive platforms, hire resources and invest in expensive infrastructure.

Other Platform Features

API based integration

API Based Integration

Integrate Analytics and AI outcomes like Content Recommendations, Adaptive Learning Journeys, Learner History and Real-Time Learner Competence and Confidence insights with our API based integration simplifying the process of enhancing your solution with AI.

collaborative insights

Collaborative Insights

Improve decision-making and alignment across your organization and in client communication by democratizing the insights in curated dashboards with a full set of sharing and collaboration features.

Custom subscriptions


No need to monitor the constant flow of new insights to know when key behaviors and details are happening. Let Qualetics work for you by making it easy to define scenarios you want to be informed of immediately and the system will reach out and notify you when it happens, as it happens.

See how Qualetics solves problems, reimagines solutions, and drives innovation.