Why Do Sales Teams Need User Behavior Analytics?

Sales leaders and their salespeople always want to stay ahead of the curve, to better understand what their clients want, how they are doing, grow the good client relationships, correct the struggling ones, and add to the client list.

How can Qualetics’ user behavior analytics help sales teams be more successful?

Imagine being able to look across your client landscape and see not only what clients have been using your product and how but within your clients, who the power users are and what they are doing to be so successful.  

Some of the insights Qualetics provides includes:

  • Analysis of the most effective user flow patterns generating the best results, in the most efficient way.
  • Who are the power users, the internal champions who become advocates for your product?
  • A collection of insights to share with decision-makers and influencers about just how effective their use of your product has been, or provide perspective on best practices to turn accounts around.

With a constant flow of up-to-the-second analytics Qualetics delivers user behavior insights that help you:

Reduce Churn

Turn around problem renewal situations well before the renewal conversations need to happen.

Increase Average
Contract Value

Expand productive client relationships by making it easy to highlight your impact.

Grow Your Client Base

Replicate those successful client situations with prospects that want to experience that same value.

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