Frequently Asked Questions


Qualetics is an on-demand data intelligence as a service platform. Our solution embeds self-reporting intelligence into your software product to stream and analyze data in real-time.
Qualetics can be embedded into any software product where you have access to the source code by using one of our standard Software Development Kits (SDK) available here –
Qualetics is designed as a low code platform where the API is meant to be integrated with a relatively low amount of code and effort. Our Javascript SDK requires the lowest amount of effort and is suitable for simple web applications. More complex options are available for web and mobile applications having front-end UI/UX code and back-end API implementations.
Qualetics is available in coding languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, .NET, Angular, React, ReactNative, and Android in addition to being available as a Rest API. Each type of integration requires the developer to possess an intermediate level of understanding of the integration option of their choice. More details about the types of integration are available here –
Qualetics platform is designed as a No Code analytics solution providing Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive insights in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly manner. In order to use Qualetics, a basic understanding of how web applications work should be sufficient.  In addition, we are committed to providing the best experience to our customers, so we are always looking for feedback. We request our users to use our feedback tool to provide feedback, complaints, or user experience issues directly to us so we can incorporate that into our product.
Qualetics is designed as a tool to help businesses understand their products and users better with the help of data. So any user that requires access to data directly as it becomes available from the streaming, can use Qualetics. 

Qualetics also provides the ability to create different types of Access levels using our User and User Group feature to create different groups of users that have different levels of access.
No, Qualetics is designed as a No Code Analytics & AI platform. However, if you would like to integrate the insights available on Qualetics into your own products using our API, experience with Rest API-based integration is required.
Please visit our website at to get started
Qualetics is available in 3 different plans of monthly subscription – Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. To learn more about the plans, please visit
A starter plan is for organizations that have 1 to 3 software apps or products that they would like to collect and analyze data for. The data volume cap for Starter is 3,000 events per day. The growth plan is for organizations that have more than 3 software applications or products and a higher data volume. The data volume cap for Growth is set at 10,000 events per day. An enterprise plan is for organizations that have several products that may generate a significantly higher volume of data. The data cap for the Enterprise plan is set at 50,000 events per day. For organizations that currently have or foresee a volume of greater than 50,000 events per day, we offer custom plans and pricing. Please contact us at if you are interested in such a plan.
Qualetics is designed as an event-driven data analytics platform. All software applications are programmed to perform various events such as Loading a web page, Clicking a button, Submitting an Order, Logging in to a website, etc. Such events are packed with information about the user performing the action, the context in which the action is performed, the details of the action itself along with other attributes that may be specific to the application. All of the relevant information in such an event can be combined into one data object that can be streamed to Qualetics. Qualetics provides the necessary instructions to frame such events prior to streaming. For Web applications, the Qualetics API automatically captures standard events such as Page Loads, Views, Exits, Click events, System information, Timestamps, Locations (If enabled and allowed by the user), and Errors.
Yes, we do offer customized Analytics and AI solutions for our customers. Please visit our use cases section to learn more about the types of custom solutions that can be made available using Data Analytics and AI at If interested, please contact us at
Any organization that has digital products that are accessed by users has the ability to generate continuous streams of data as they are being used. Such products and the organizations operating them can greatly benefit from the insight generated about the product usage, user behavior, application stability, performance, usage trends, usage forecasts, and Natural Language-Based insights such as Search Insights, User Feedback Insights, and Customer Sentiment insights. In addition, such insights can be the starting point for developing smarter applications that are powered by AI.  If you see your product or organization fitting the above criteria, Qualetics might be a good fit for you. If you’re still not sure and would like to learn more, we can provide a demo. Please contact us at to schedule a demo at your co
Qualetics provides several types of insights related to User Behavior, Application Usage, Anomalies, and Performance including Custom Insights. Here is a quick summary of insights that Qualetics provides through its platform and will be accessible to all customers. Qualetics will be offering the following types of analytics for software development teams. All of the insights available through these analytics can be accessed through the Qualetics Portal and can also be embedded natively in the end-user application
  • Software Quality Analytics 
  • Product Analytics
  • eLearning Analytics 
  • Text Analytics 
To learn more about the different types of insights in more detail, visit