Frequently Asked Questions


The Qualetics platform is built with a comprehensive security framework that allows for configurable access levels across the organization. Role-level access is available so the people within the organization only get access to the data they need. Various integration, sharing and export options are available to users to control and distribute the results with other users individually or other organizational units.
We have simplified our platform to make it user-friendly. It doesn’t need technical expertise to use Qualetics. However, we assure to support you at every step. We have free resources section consisting of User Guide, Product Tutorials and Blogs. We also provide onboard training to help our customers optimally use Qualetics. We will be happy to provide advanced training or any other support if needed.
Most analytical software tools focus on giving great technological power to address Analytical needs within an organization. The burden of extracting business value out of this usually unwieldy technology falls on the organization, it’s teams and finally on the people who are also trying to focus on core business-critical functions. Qualetics aims to reduce this burden and simplify the process of extracting business value out of your data. We begin with understanding your problem or data intelligence requirements, leverage deep Data Science technologies like AI, NLP, and Machine Learning etc., to build data models to extract required intelligence. The data intelligence is then presented through visual and programmatic access. With Qualetics, you enjoy all the benefits of an in-house Data Science team without the overhead of investment and time.
Absolutely not! You do not need to worry about building a data warehouse, complex data modelling, etc. You just need to tell us about your data intelligence needs or the business problem you need to address through data and Qualetics will do the rest.
This largely depends on the nature of integration with the client platform. Qualetics API allows ingestion of data at the source or point of data generation. In order to do this, some basic coding is required. However, this level of coding is significantly lower compared to developing a Data Analytics solution from the ground up. Qualetics also offers no-code solutions as well. In order to learn about these options, fill the form here. While coders may or may not be required, you definitely do not need data scientists to work with Qualetics. Qualetics works in a simple way- It creates mechanisms to analyze your data, processes it and delivers data intelligence through visual as well as programmatics interfaces. Our expert team of data scientists and engineers take care of the entire coding, model development, and other technology-related tasks. Once the required data intelligence is available, you can access it through a dashboard on a secured portal. We leverage the best of the data visualization techniques to communicate insights through interactive charts, graphs, and reports. We make it easy for people with no-technology background to absorb information, recognize patterns, understand relationships and make data-driven decisions.
We provide various customization options for you to personalize the dashboard as per your business needs in order to view the information you want quick access to or want to regularly monitor.
Yes, we offer a Free Demo of our platform. To book a demo, please fill the form here.
Qualetics is an on-demand platform that caters to customized data intelligence needs of services. The pricing for our platforms depends on a lot of factors such as the volume of your data, the complexity in cleaning, data modeling, and technology required. Please fill the form here and one of our consultants will get in touch with you to understand your business requirements and provide a quote to you. We can also arrange a Qualetics Demo for you to understand the various features of the platform in detail.
Qualetics is an on-demand platform that provides data intelligence solutions to your business. We realize that there are barriers to adopting Data Science and Analytics for businesses. To build an in-house data team, it would require significant investments in resources and infrastructure. We have built a revolutionary platform that helps you turn raw data into beautiful data insights and fulfil your data intelligence needs at much lesser costs. Also, it is quick, doesn’t require in-house data scientists or major technology upgradation on your part. Let Qualetics take care of your data so that you can focus on the core of your business.