Why Data Intelligence Matters For Your Business Success?

Data Intelligence provides more than analytics to business. It helps a company in making data the core of its activities and drive disruptive transformation.

Deep data science technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning, etc., experienced a number of hype cycles in the past. In the meantime, big data analytics took over the headlines. But the buzz around “big data analytics” dwindled in some time. Why? 

Data is everywhere. It’s all around us. We are churning out an enormous amount of data each day. As organizations create data, and storage costs continue to tumble, more of it is being kept.  Secondly, after tasting success with data analytics, businesses now want to move beyond performance indicators and metrics monitoring to leverage data as a core component of their business activities.  They see a massive potential to use data to build smarter processes, products, and organizations. 

 It’s this need that has helped propel Data Science—particularly AI and machine learning — and with it Data Intelligence into the mainstream.


What is Data Intelligence? 

Data Intelligence is the outcome after a deep analysis of a company’s data using advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning and other data tools. It helps companies in meaningful engagement and analysis of their data to extract incisive insights into many areas including-

  • 360-degree view of their business or specific process
  • Drive transformation within the organization
  • Fostering a data driven culture in the organization
  • Understand their customers
  • Build new products or services 

Data Intelligence (DI) Use Cases

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Why Data Intelligence Matters For Your Business? 

With customer expectations soaring, businesses need to be proactive, predictable, and reliable to earn their trust. Previously, brands used to promise these characteristics. But in the new world order, a customer is giving a premium to performance more than a promise. 

Data Intelligence can help you deliver what you promise with near accuracy. You can predict when your machines can have downtime and be proactive in fixing them. You can accurately estimate the time it takes to do a job and accordingly optimize your resources. With accurate forecasting, you can build reliability into your delivery. 

Intelligence powered by data, helps you uncover bold new insights that lead to smarter decisions. It can help you leverage data for a competitive advantage and a driver for disruptive transformation and innovation.

Similar to a hyper-converged infrastructure where complexities of data storage, networking, and computing are brought together, Qualetics is bringing you a platform that brings together Data collection, Analysis, and Outcomes to help businesses acquire advanced data capabilities without the burden of infrastructure, investment and time. Qualetics is an on-demand Data Intelligence As A Service Platform that. It simplifies the process of extracting business value from your data.

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