Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usecases

Our Top AI Usecases Across Businesses

Data Science & AI Usecases

Read our AI and Machine Learning usecases to know how we used AI to solve complex business problems. Qualetics, our on-demand DIaaS platform, simplifies leveraging AI, ML and NLP etc., to build data algorithms and models and optimally harness your data to extract incisive insights.

Retail Data Intelligence

Machine Learning and NLP to understand consumers and product reviews

Energy Data Intelligence

LPG usage analysis for dealers, manufacturers, and consumers

BFSI Data Intelligence

Machine Learning to detect potentially fraudulent claims

Healthcare Data Intelligence

Time Series for forecasting Maternity Patients Census

Hospitality Data Intelligence

EDA to evaluate hotel and restaurant performance

Data Intelligence

Analyzing customer support on social media using Deep Learning

Healthcare Data Intelligence

Deep Learning model that predicts the probability of Malaria infection in human cells

Healthcare Data Intelligence

EDA and Machine Learning algorithms to predict the risk of heart diseases.

BFSI Data Intelligence

Machine Learning for identifying the predictors of corporate financial distress.

Healthcare Data Intelligence

Computer Vision & Machine Learning to detect and predict brain tumor

Healthcare Data Intelligence

EDA to search for Doctors & Hospitals based on the patients’ feedback.

Healthcare Data Intelligence

Machine Learning to predict Brain Haemorrhage, Heart Attack, and Malaria

Energy Data Intelligence

Time Series analysis to predict energy consumption

Healthcare Data Intelligence

Exploratory Data Analysis to monitor the cholesterol levels

Biotechnology Intelligence

Deep Learning and Computer Vision to detect and classify plant diseases

Healthcare Data Intelligence

Deep Learning and Computer Vision to classify White Blood Cells

About Qualetics Data Machines

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is growing to be an ubiquitous need in the modern enterprise ecosystem. The need for Analytics is ranging from basic Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics to advanced Predictive, Prescriptive and Cognitive Analytics.  However, the barrier of entry is high due to expensive infrastructure and highly skilled resource requirements.

Qualetics Data Machines Inc. aims to eliminate this barrier by introducing a product that makes it easy for businesses to embrace data science and gain data intelligence.

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