Best WordPress Analytics Plugin: Why Qualetics Is A Good Alternative To MonsterInsights?

One of the most important measures for a successful website is knowing how to track your visitor's behavior, which in turn leads to optimizing and improving your website. Since millions of sites now use WordPress, it's only natural that there are several powerful free and premium plugins for you to use. 

Searching for the best WP plugin for analytics? Keep reading!!. This post will compare two popular WordPress plugins in → Qualetics & MonsterInsights. This will enable you to make an informed decision on which to deploy.

Qualetics vs MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

What is Qualetics?

Qualetics for WordPress is the first No Code Analytics & AI plugin that enables your WordPress website with proactive Self-learning Intelligence. So, your website will continuously be reporting insights that can help you improve your website performance, customer engagement, and conversions.

Qualetics offers 6 different analytics through one platform –

Software quality analytics – A must-have for any Data-oriented WordPress user who wants to keep her site running smoothly and be aware of how visitors are using the website. It informs you on how well your website is performing, issues faced by users while browsing your site, how many users have encountered issues, when those users encountered them, what they were doing on the site at the time and how that impacts user experience. With real-time data on the quality, performance, and stability of your website, you can proactively fix problems. 

Product Analytics – Are you wondering what your users are doing on your site? Is there something you could be doing to improve their experience? With Qualetics, you can track every action users perform on your website and then use that information to optimize the user experience.

User analytics – Qualetics can help to unearth insights about your visitors, including:

  • How much time do they spend on a specific page?
  • How many times do they visit per day, per week, and per month?
  • What pages do they visit first and last when visiting your website?

Performance analytics – One of the key features of Qualetics is Performance analytics. It allows you to assess the overall quality of your WordPress website. You get a fair idea of why or why not your site traffic is increasing or decreasing. This makes it easy for you to make the necessary changes and ensure that your website is always running optimally.

Geo-location insights – Qualetics provides geo-location insights for you to understand from which continents/regions/countries/cities your visitors belong and from which channels they reach you. This information can help inform future decisions about the specific channels on which to advertise, what languages to translate your content into, or even where to host a meetup event.

User behavior flow – Qualetics provides a visual overview of all user sessions on your website. It also provides a detailed analysis of each session, showing exactly where users experienced problems or issues and why? Qualetics is designed to improve your user experience through an intuitive interface that makes it simple for even non-technical users to understand why visitors are having problems with their site and how those problems could be rectified.

Qualetics is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This means that over time it will learn about your website's visitors and their preferences, allowing it to make suggestions based on this data. For example, if a visitor is returning to your website again and again without making a purchase, then Qualetics might recommend adding some sort of incentive for them to convert into a sale.

Qualetics can be used with any WordPress website, and no coding is required at all! The solution analyzes everything from your website’s bounce rate to issues when users are browsing your website so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to improve customer retention rates and maximize conversions.

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is another WordPress plugin that helps you set up Google Analytics from your website. It helps you analyze your website traffic and optimize your content based on the data. MonsterInsights gives you access to a wide range of tools to help you analyze your website performance, including:

  • Audience demographics
  • Content performance
  • Top posts
  • Conversions
  • Event Tracking
  • eCommerce Tracking
  • Outbound link tracking

MonsterInsights is, in fact,  a WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It doesn’t collect and analyze data. Neither does it provide any insights of its own. The key benefit of using the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin is that it makes it really simple and fast to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website.

MonsterInsights vs Qualetics: Why Is Qualetics A Powerful Alternative To MonsterInsights?

  1. You are in control of your data – With Qualetics, you have complete access to your data and you are the sole owner of it. Your account is provisioned as a dedicated database, not mixed with any other customer account. This means that no one else can see your data—not even us. You have full control over what you see and how it's accessed. You can download all of your data at any given time, so you never have to worry about losing anything important.
  2. Multi-client Support –  When you're managing multiple clients, websites, or applications for an agency, you need a way to track utilization and performance details for all of them. That's where Qualetics comes in. We provide a multi-tenant AI and analytics platform that allows you to provide each client with access to their own specific dashboards and data hosted through a single, secure platform.
  3. Manage multiple CX environments from one single place – Our platform is designed to make your life easier. We understand that your digital customer experience is a multi-faceted one and that it's important to have a single window to manage all of your environments. We also know that you want to give different teams access to the data they need to do their jobs, so we offer you the ability to do just that! You can now provision various users with access to different parts of your digital customer experiences through Qualetics.
  4. Share insights in multiple formats –  At Qualetics, we believe that data and insights should be accessible to every stakeholder. That's why we've made it easy to export your insights in multiple formats—so you can share them with the people who need them most. You can export your insights in Excel or PDF format, and can also embed links to interactive graphics that will help streamline and elevate informed decision-making across your organization.
  5. Use REST API to embed insights into other apps – You can integrate our REST API with other tools and apps, so you can embed access to more than 50 different insights directly into other apps and tools to streamline sharing key information. This means that when you're using Qualetics, you'll be able to embed graphs, charts, and metrics from your dashboard into another app or tool, like Slack or Salesforce.
  6. Get proactive alerts based on set conditions – When you’re a business owner, it’s easy to get distracted by the constant flow of information coming in at all times. It’s hard to stay focused on what really matters—making sure your website is secure and working properly for your business. Also, it is practically impossible to continuously monitor all the data, all the time. But what if you could set conditions that would alert you when something important happens? That’s exactly what Qualetics does. You can set filters that let you know when certain conditions occur on your WordPress website. Qualetics informs you when something deserves your immediate attention!

MonsterInsights or Qualetics: Which is The Best WordPress Analytics plugin?

If you're looking for a solid alternative to MonsterInsights, Qualetics is a great option. Let’s see Why?

Qualetics offers a host of features—You will get not only in-depth information on your site's traffic, users, and performance, but also the ability to track conversions and a lot more. It informs you about issues in your website, the performance of your website, and exactly where in the entire website experience the visitors face issues, exceptions, errors, bugs, or friction points.

Qualetics is an easy-to-use plugin that gives you the data and insights you need to understand how your site is performing. It's easy to install and set up on your site and it provides a robust reporting system that even advanced users will find useful.

Qualetics provides descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics capabilities. If you are looking for more than just descriptive analytics, then we suggest using Qualetics instead of MonsterInsights. In other words, MonsterInsights does not alert what will happen next or what should happen next regarding your website. And, This information can be very useful in determining whether or not certain actions are working for you and whether or not they should continue working for you.

MonsterInsights offers free Insights but lacks a host of capabilities and insights to drive actionable decisions vital to your business growth.

However, when it comes down to what really matters—how easy each plugin is to use, how much information it provides about your visitors' behavior—Qualetics wins hands down.

To know more about Qualetics WordPress Analytics Plugin or for a free trial, click here.