No Code Analytics & AI for your WordPress website


User Behavior Flow

Qualetics helps you to understand your WordPress site’s  entire user behavior flow  helping you optimize what is going well, and fix what needs attention.

  • Visualize your visitor’s website journey to understand where friction points and drops occur
  • To help optimize your web design filter for those learning paths that include high-value activities and see what preceded them and where the path took them after (coming soon)
  • Qualetics’ error detection features can identify those points in the user journey that are impacted and need attention (coming soon)

Software Quality

Qualetic continually monitors your WordPress site providing a constant measure of your site’s visitor experience which accounts for.

  • Error severity detected (critical, major, minor)
  • Number of users impacts
  • Frequency of the errors
  • Context impacted by the errors
  • Number of issues detected

User Analytics

Qualetics reveals insights about your visitors.

  • Your most active periods
  • Session time characteristics
  • How users spend time across various “contexts” of your website
  • User (B2C) and Client (B2B) engagement characteristics
  • Search interaction details

Product Analytics

Understand the technical characteristics your visitors represent and how they are reacting to your website experience.

  • Clarity about the OS, browser, and hardware profiles visiting your site
  • Of those, identify any that may be impacted by errors, latency, or user friction that other technologies may not be experiencing
  • Have the facts that allow you to prioritize CX issues for attention based on the size or importance of the visitor audience that is impacted

Geo Location Insights

Gain clarity on understanding where in the world your audience is coming from.

Discover the key features

Beyond the analytics and AI insights Qualetics’ WordPress solution delivers, we include a number of valuable features that help you share, socialize, and act on those insights.

Your Website, Your Data

With Qualetics, you are the owner of your data, not Google, not WordPress. Your account is provisioned as a dedicated database and not mixed with any other customer account. You have access to and can download all of your data at any given time.

Multi-Client Support

If you are an Agency managing multiple clients, websites, or applications, you can track utilization and performance details across all of them in Qualetics’ multi-tenant AI and analytics platform at the same time. This allows you to provide each client with access to their own dashboards and data hosted through a single, secure, AI and analytics platform.

Manage multiple CX environments in one place

Manage different websites, mobile applications, or SaaS solution interfaces through Qualetics platform as well. It allows you to have a single hosted AI and analytics platform that you can provision various users to have access to your digital customer experiences. Give Technical Support access to the insights they need, Sales access to the client utilization insights they need, and IT and Product Management insights to the product performance and utilization details they need, all through one centrally managed platform.

Output and socialize insights in multiple formats

Qualetics enables you to export your insights through multiple formats. Of course the standard Excel spreadsheet and PDF documents but also embed links to interactive graphics to be shared with others to streamline and elevate informed decision-making across your organization.

Use REST API to embed insights into other app

Use Qualetics Rest-API to embed access to more than 50 different insights directly into other interfaces and tools to streamline socializing key information and decision-making.

Get proactive alerts based on conditions you set

Rather than continually monitoring the streamed insights presented through Qualetics’ environment let the technology monitor things for you. Don’t get caught off-guard by something that happens when you’re not looking. Set filter conditions that monitor your WordPress website activity and let Qualetics notify you when out-of-range conditions deserve your immediate attention!

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