How do I Enhance My Smart Home Device or App With AI?

Power Your Smart Home Products With AIMS

Smart Home Devices

According to Cisco, smart home applications such as home automation, home security and video surveillance, connected appliances, etc., will represent 46%, or nearly half, of the total M2M connections by 2021.

Your Smart Home Products, Devices & Apps have transformed living. But what was smart and path-breaking yesterday is the new normal today. A few years back, it was all about connecting devices, today it is about thinking devices

Each smart home device or app generates volumes of data every day. And this data can now be processed leveraging AI, Machine Learning, and other data technologies to extract data intelligence that can further enhance the capabilities and features of your smart home devices & apps.

Is Your Smart Home product able to provide AI?

Smart home devices collect a vast amount of data through sensors, speakers, cameras, and apps, etc. Inherent in this data is information that can power insights, identify performance attributes, predict events and simulate what-if scenarios for your smart home systems. By extracting data intelligence from the information gathered, you can truly transform your smart home product capabilities, and deliver innovative solutions to your customers.

A few areas where AI Management System (AIMS) can help in Smart Homes are-

Facility Management

AI for Smart Homes
  • Smart Metering
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Usage Prediction
  • Incident detection & Alarm

Home Security

AI for Smart Homes
  • Facial Recognition
  • Digital Surveillance & Analytics
  • Intruder detection & Alert


AI for Smart Homes
  • Visual Searches
  • Smart Clothing
  • Mood detection
  • Voice-based commands

How Can Qualetics Help You Enhance Your Smart Home Product With AI?

Qualetics platform

Qualetics is our on-demand AI Management System (AIMS) that can help smart home products quickly embed advanced Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence methodologies into their product in a much simpler manner than traditional methods. Solutions in the market put the onus of achieving success with implementing AI & ML solutions on the Software Developers without realizing the cost overhead it introduces. Our platform and advanced APIs allow for easy integration of insights and data-based Intelligence into your Products & Systems to better serve you and your customer needs without breaking the bank.

To implement a seamless solution to analyze the data captured by your smart devices & apps, the following are key components that Qualetics offers-

Data Management

Secure and stable Data Management

Qualetics has developed its proprietary data ingestion API that can transmit extremely high volumes of data. Our clients are provided with secure credentials and some specific configuration that allows data from the smart home devices to be transmitted to the servers.

Data Visualization

Data Virtualization to store, clean, and transform vast amounts of data

Data ingested through our API is stored in high volume storage after going through several stages of transformation that involve data validation and deduplication. This will provide an in-depth understanding of the intrinsic value of the captured data and transforming it into information.

data extraction

Data Analysis platform to identify features, build and train models

With the data securely stored in the storage layer, models that are designed and developed, specific to the incoming data structures are applied automatically to analyze the data in real-time and render the results to our output layer. Certain use cases require continuous analysis of historic data as well, which is conducted in the same system.

Data Intelligence

Data Delivery & Visualization platform

Results generated through the analysis layer are available through our dedicated customer portal which contains several features for viewing results such as filtering, sharing, subscribing to changes in data and also exporting the analyzed results into different formats, thus providing an opportunity to see hidden patterns.

In addition to a intelligence platform, the portal also provides an API for developers who wish to integrate the visualizations or raw results natively into their applications. Doing so allows the developer to control the entire user experience of its users to the application features and advanced analytical results natively within a single client application.