No-Code AI Integration ⇒ Qualetics now LIVE on Zapier

One of the difficulties of deploying AI has been operationalizing the results generated from your AI automation. Qualetics Data Machines is now live on Zapier simplifying the process of connecting real-time insights to the processes and tools you already have in place.Qualetics provides a Live data Analytics & AI platform, offering Industry first Live Analytics and insights related to User Behavior, User Engagement, Application Usage, Performance, Quality and latency. In a previous blog post, we shared how Qualetics can be leveraged with the Zapier integration to expand business benefits such as Activity monitoring, Notifications about customer events, providing proactive customer service etc. It is now time to see some of that value in action.

Qualetics can now be integrated with thousands of applications available on Zapier. Anyone with an active account on Qualetics can benefit from this integration. We have already started publishing Zap templates and will continue to add others. Zap templates are a great way to get started using pre-configured connections.  We have already started publishing Zap templates including linking page performance and exception instances to Slack, connecting new account or lead records in Salesforce into Qualetics for further analysis, and connecting your Facebook presence to Qualetics.  We will continue to add other Zap templates for other social media sources making it easier to aggregate your Facebook events with Instagram and others to measure your overall social media engagement in one environment. We will continue to add other Zap templates for your immediate use, however with Qualetics now fully integrated with Zapier you have the ability for no-code integration with over 6,000 SaaS applications.Zapier IntegrationIf you already have an account with Qualetics, including a Free account, your account is able to use Zapier integrations from Please ensure that you have completed the Application setup process in the Qualetics portal and obtain the credentials required for the Zapier integration.

In the coming days, we will be publishing examples of Zaps for various use cases integrating Qualetics with 1000’s of apps to deploy real-time insights to help grow your business successfully.

For existing Qualetics customers with questions about integrating your Qualetics account with Zapier, please feel free to email us at  And if you haven’t connected your application to Qualetics feel free to try us out or if you would like to discuss the possibilities, contact us here.