How Qualetics is Simplifying

Any Company’s Ability to

Operationalize Insights

For all of you who already have Qualetics accounts and have connected your application(s), we hope you’ve found the real-time insights about your audience’s user behavior, product usage, and software quality insights helpful!  In order to maximize how useful those insights can be we’re simplifying the way our customers can get greater value from Qualetics insights.

Qualetics Insights

Qualetics upcoming Zapier integration makes it easy for you to set triggers and connect your analyzed results to internal systems and processes

Coming soon, we are launching our Zapier integration making your analyzed results actionable by triggering the details you want to address directly into your internal systems and workflows. For example, below are the different insights our customers already receive when their apps are connected with Qualetics, which can now directly feed other applications or workflows:-
  • Activity related triggers, provide insights about views, and any custom event activity occurring in your app.
  • Performance and Usage insights inform you of time spent and delays experienced by users on your app.
  • While measuring Software Quality, Qualetics alerts you to Critical, Major, and Minor errors the moment they occur giving you an opportunity to provide proactive customer service.
  • For businesses that manage multiple customers with a B2B app, Qualetics provides Client Usage, Engagement, and Exception metrics for each individual client separately.

Qualetics Insights to Action: Delivering Proactive Customer Service

Our new Zapier integration provides “triggers” as a simple way to set conditions around which data can be passed into other applications.  For instance, take error detection; when an anomaly is identified as a critical or major error Zapier triggers will allow you to pass that information directly into a customer service queue, Jira, or a similar application to initiate customer service, product management, or developer attention.  Users aren’t accustomed to proactive customer service, imagine their surprise when they receive attention from you even before they report a concern!

And more significant enhancements to come over the next few weeks!

Watch for our announcement and guidance on how the new Zapier integration can help you leverage Qualetics insights to drive improvements in your business.  This will be followed in the coming weeks with powerful new features we are adding that will give you access to a library of over 20 analytics and AI models you can deploy against your own use cases.  This will give you the ability to apply the power of AI to your business without having to struggle with the deployment challenges even the most AI-experienced companies struggle with.  More to come!!!

If you need help in connecting your applications to Qualetics or would like to learn more about what we’ve described, feel free to contact us here or schedule an appointment.