AI based Categorization with Data Machines and its use cases

In our series of use case posts, we are discussing the different ways AI can be added to software apps and business processes using Data Machines. In this post, we will discuss how AI based categorization finds uses in various domains, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Here are some practical use cases for AI-based categorization. 

Document Management

In businesses dealing with large volumes of documents, AI can categorize and tag documents based on their content, making it easier to organize, search, and retrieve information. This enhances document management systems and facilitates efficient workflow.

E-commerce Product Categorization

Online retailers can employ AI to categorize and tag products automatically. This ensures that products are placed in the correct categories, improving search accuracy and enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Customer Support Ticket Classification

AI can analyze and categorize customer support tickets based on their content. This allows businesses to prioritize and route tickets to the appropriate departments, ensuring timely and efficient resolution of customer issues.

Social Media Content Moderation

AI can categorize and filter social media content for moderation purposes. It helps identify and flag inappropriate or offensive content, maintaining a safer online environment.

Healthcare Record Management

AI-based categorization can be applied to healthcare records, helping in the classification of patient records, lab results, and medical histories. This enhances the efficiency of healthcare professionals in managing and accessing patient information.

News Article Categorization

News agencies can utilize AI to categorize news articles into topics such as politics, sports, or finance. This facilitates content organization, improves searchability, and aids in personalized news recommendations.

Legal Document Classification

Law firms can benefit from AI categorization to organize legal documents. It helps in classifying documents based on case types, facilitating quicker retrieval of relevant information during legal research.

Inventory Management in Retail

Retailers can employ AI to categorize and manage inventory efficiently. This includes categorizing products based on demand, seasonality, or other relevant factors, optimizing stock levels and reducing carrying costs.

Financial Transaction Categorization

AI can assist in categorizing financial transactions for individuals and businesses. This is particularly useful for budgeting, expense tracking, and financial planning applications.

AI-based categorization is a valuable tool across diverse sectors, contributing to improved organization, efficiency, and decision-making processes.

Building a Categorization Engine with Data Machines

Data Machines provides a simple user interface to build a categorization system and integrate with software applications or business processes.

To build a simple AI Based Categorization tool, use the Data Machines interface in your Qualetics Portal to build it in a few simple steps.

AI Based Categorization

  1. Login to your Qualetics Portal.
  2. Click on the Data Machines navigation menu in the left navigation
  3. Click on Add Data Machine
  4. Drag an Operational Step from the toolbox
  5. Select “Natural Language Processing” in the category
  6. Select “Categorize Text” in the list of models
  7. Drag and Drop the Final Step from the toolbox
  8. Configure the options in the Final step based on your need
  9. Test and Publish

Checkout the video below to see the steps in action.

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