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Help your audience connect with our no-code/low-code AI plug-ins that deliver utilization, defect detection and prioritization, and user flow insights, for WordPress sites and other sites, software and mobile apps. And while connecting them to all that value, you’ll be giving them 10% off our regular price.

All affiliates will have free access to our Growth plan level service and when you sell five licenses or more we’ll upgrade you to the Premium plan!

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Register as an affiliate partner here. When you sign up for our affiliate program, we'll give you special links to promote our products. It's that simple!



Share referral links on your website, social media accounts, or anywhere else you'd like! When someone clicks on one of those links and purchases something, we'll pay you a commission on that purchase.



Earn 40% that come from your referrals! You can earn 40% of a paying user's first year of subscription payments.

Sell 5 licenses of our Growth package per month and receive $2,376 in your first 12 months!

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Our business is built on a foundation of trust, and our affiliate partners are the people we value most in helping us share that trust with our future customers. They are the ones who bring us new clients and give us the opportunity to grow our business—and they deserve all of the credit for it!


High Commissions

We believe in paying our partners well. You'll get paid 50% commission on every sale that you make.


Complete Support

When you join our affiliate program, we have your back. Our team will help you with everything from setting up your account to answering questions about the product or the program itself.


Transparent Process

We've designed it so that you can see exactly how many people are signing up for Qualetics on your links, and what the commission will be on each sale.

About Qualetics Data Intelligence Platform

Centralized data collection

Powered by AI, Qualetics is a data intelligence platform that provides real-time streaming insights to businesses building software, websites and apps to

  • Understand how users are using their software, even if they're all over the world.
  • Fix issues before they become problems for customers
  • Proactively monitor performance and activity and provide optimal user experience.
  • Build products that are powered by data and driven by insights, increasing your chances of generating revenue from your data.

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