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NLP - Natural Language Processing Models

Language Detection

Language Detection

Identifies the language of your input text from more than 75 languages. Learn More

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis (Aggregated)

Given a target that you want to analyze for, this model reviews the input text for every reference to the target and assesses sentiment as negative, neutral, or positive. Learn More

Sentiments Analysis

Sentiment Analysis (Targeted)

Analyzes input text for each subject that sentiment is expressed for and provides character placement for extraction. Learn More

Emotion analysis

Emotion Analysis

Identifies the emotions communicated in the target words of the input text that reflect emotion. Learn More


Text Classification (General)

Classifies text input as to the type of subject mentioned across over 800 different categories (e.g.  Animals and Plants/Pets, Sports and Games, Science and Technology, Real Estate etc.) Learn More

Text Classification (Tone)

Classifies a text input relative to the tone represented in the text (e.g. frustrated, sad, impolite, excited, sympathetic, satisfied, etc.) Learn More

Semantic Roles

Key Phrase Extraction

Extracts the words and expressions with the most relevance from the input text. It helps summarize the content, and recognizes the main topics. Learn More

Category identification

Category Identification

Analyzes given text for categories of information returned in a hierarchy. Learn More

Named Entity Recognition

Identifies the named entities in input text, categorizes them, and returns the location of the entity extracted (offset and length), and a confidence score. Learn More


Entity Relationship

Entity Mentions & PII

Identifies and if desired redacts and/or extracts mentions of entities related to PII (person, organizations, dates, emails, SSN, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.)

Entity Relationship

Entity Relationship

Recognizes when two entities are related and identifies the type of relationship. 

Industrial Classification Code


Analyzes text to determine the concepts referenced ranking them and including explanations from

Industrial Classification Code

Industry Code Classification

Returns the Industry Code Classification used in North America (NAICS) for any product or service descriptor provided as input. It can be customized to classify for other industry taxonomies as well.

Industrial Classification Code


Removes HTML tags from input text retaining the resulting plain text along with character offset mapping, ideal when highlighting extracted results on original HTML text. Learn More



Analyzes key aspects of sentence structure, lemmatization (the proper grouping of words and their tense), and dependency parsing. 

Metadata Extraction

MetaData Extraction

Returns information from the document, including author name, title, RSS/ATOM feeds, prominent page image, and publication date. Supports URL and HTML input.

Audio & Image Models

Speech to text

Speech to Text

Produces transcripts of audio supporting 13 languages.

Speech to text

Text to Speech

Produces natural sounding speech from text supported in 10 languages with options for delivering male, female, and generic voices in multiple standard and expressive tones.

Image Classification

Document Understanding

Understands content and type of documents.

Image Classification

Image Classification

Categorizes scene-based features and objects contained in an image.

Object Detection

Object Detection

Locates and identifies objects in an image.

Self-Learning Models

Exception Severity Detection

Exception Severity Detection

Detects the severity of an exception in terms of Major/Minor/Critical exceptions based on the sequence of events, usage and user activity. 

Recommendation Engine


Identifies duplicate information from a master dataset. The analyzed result includes the master data and input data strings that are matched along with a confidence score for the match. Learn More

Semantic Roles

Semantic Search

This model understands the intent and context of a query then delivers results without relying on keyword matching. Learn More 

Churn Prediction

Question & Answer

This is an extension of Semantic Search. It operates as a conversational agent responding to queries in the context of previous questions and answers posed in the same session. Learn More

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies in a sequence of events. Learn More

User Engagement Scoring

User Engagement Scoring Models

Associate an engagement score with a user/client based on their activity.

Churn Prediction

Churn Prediction Models

Predict the likelihood of churn based on user activity and engagement.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine Models

Recommend products or content based on activity. Learn More

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