Brain Tumor Detection & Prediction Using Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Use case in Healthcare Data Intelligence

Computer vision is expected to become a $48.6 billion industry by 2022. Around 90% of the medical data is image-based, according to studies. Computer vision can detect the presence or absence of tumor in the brain. And with the help of Machine Learning technology, it is now possible to predict the possibility of tumor occurrences in the future based on the patient medical data.   

Brain tumors are one of the major reasons for deaths. Tumors are formed because of abnormal or irregular development of cells inside the brain. The suspected patients are sent for a series of tests, or even a biopsy, in order to confirm the presence or absence of a tumor. Therefore, we leveraged latest Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer vision, etc to not only save the patients’ ordeal of going through tests and spending more money, but also to save their precious lives.

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