Transportation Data Intelligence

Dig Deep Into Your Data. Optimize CAPEX and OPEX.

The transportation industry has been capturing unprecedented amounts of data from onboard sensors, vehicle location systems, ticketing systems, scheduling and asset management systems. The data will be invaluable if it spots new opportunities that lead to ideas and innovations. This data, when harnessed by leveraging deep Data Science technologies, can set the foundation for the next revolution in the industry.

An On-Demand Transportation Intelligence Platform

Qualetics, our on-demand data intelligence platform, helps various players in the transportation industry to derive incisive data intelligence for freight movement and routing optimization, inventory management & capacity optimization, reduced environmental impact and increased safety, improved customer experience amongst many others.

Qualetics is not just another analytics software. It is a platform that delivers data intelligence on your specific problems. We help you leverage deep Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and Predictive Analytics, etc., to provide you with actionable data intelligence to address your specific business problems and stay ahead of the competition.

Transportation Intelligence Dashboard Qualetics

Qualetics Transportation Intelligence in Action

Transportation Intelligence Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Build an effective fleet management system by deep analysis of data from multiple sources, like inventory levels, demands, traffic conditions, the state of your existing fleet, etc. Optimally use your fleet, reduce oversizing of your fleet and save costs.

Transportation Intelligence Route Scheduling

Route Scheduling

Use the power of machine learning and AI to predict travel times between two locations and use algorithms for route optimization of your vehicles. Save time, fuel costs and create efficiency.

Transportation Intelligence Capacity Management

Capacity Management

Use predictive analytics for capacity optimization by analyzing data on assets and personnel to allocate resources as per demand. Ensure a better and more efficient operation.

Transportation Intelligence Demand Prediction

Demand Prediction

Leverage precision demand forecasting methods based on Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and AI to add scalability and flexibility to your business operations.

Transportation Intelligence Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Predictive analytics can help you in factoring cost-sensitive components and leverage that data, in combination with external data like weather patterns and time to deliver accurate dynamic pricing models.

Transportation Intelligence Custom Solution

Custom Solutions

Address your specific problems with custom data intelligence solutions from Qualetics. Tell us your most-pressing business challenges and we will deliver the required data intelligence to your team to address it.

Get Qualetics For Your Transportation Company

Did you know that Qualetics is the only on-demand platform that provides a comprehensive set of services to gather data and custom data solutions provide on-demand intelligence to businesses from the Transportation sector? Contact us to know more.