Retail Data Intelligence

Get Incisive Intelligence. Sell More. Drive Customer Loyalty.

As retail goes digital, it is increasingly becoming a data-rich environment, capturing data from websites, emails, social media, PoS, and sensors, amongst others. This data can be a treasure trove of insights & intelligence that can help retailers address critical business challenges, understand rapidly changing customer demands, improve customer experience, boost productivity & efficiency, and prepare for the future.

An On-Demand Retail Intelligence Platform

Qualetics, our on-demand data intelligence platform, helps retailers transform their data into actionable insights. Our platform provides intelligence on sales, inventory, customers, and operations to help them deliver better customer experience, run the business more efficiently and boost profitability.

Qualetics goes beyond providing just data analytics. We understand your needs, take your data, sanitize it, process it and build advanced data models leveraging AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, NLP etc., to produce actionable intelligence. The intelligence is then available as customized visualizations, and also through custom API’s for easy absorption, integration and quick decision-making.

Retail Intelligence Dashboard Qualetics

Qualetics Retail Intelligence in Action

Retail Intelligence Customer Sentiment

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Know what shoppers think about your business, brands, and services through customer sentiment analysis and uncover deeper insights & trends.

Retail Intelligence Inventory

Inventory Intelligence

Build an optimal inventory by predicting demand, reduce overstocking, optimize space and efficient asset management.

Retail Intelligence Sales

Sales Intelligence

Dig deeper into your data to get a 360-degree view of your customers and build strategies for upselling, cross-selling and higher CLTV.

Retail Intelligence Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Create deeply personalized customer experiences by understanding their needs, motivations and triggers.

Retail Intelligence Price Optimization

Price Optimization

Use Machine Learning driven price optimization strategies to sell more, boost profitability and expand your customer base.

Retail Intelligence Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Leverage data to address your business-specific challenges. Tell us your problem and we will provide you with the right intelligence to solve it effectively.

Get Qualetics For Your Retail Business

Did you know that Qualetics is the only on-demand platform that provides a comprehensive set of services to gather data and custom data solutions provide on-demand intelligence to retailers? Contact us to know more.