HR Data Intelligence

Leverage the power of data for hiring top talents. Reduce attrition rates.

What is the strongest influencer for your top employees’ performance? How do your employees perceive your organization? Data Insights into questions like these can help an organization feel the stronger undercurrents of human behavior and help them adopt data-driven talent management. HR Intelligence powered by Data Science technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Text Analytics, and Deep Learning, etc., can help an organization to better understand their employees and their motivations, likes and dislikes. It can help build the HR department the right working environment and help it hire the right candidates, improve employee relationships, create programs that drive workforce performance and manage attrition.

Qualetics- Our On-demand HR Intelligence Platform

Qualetics is our on-demand Data Intelligence platform that arms HR teams with incisive and actionable data insights to help them better understand their employees. Our platform delivers custom solutions to your intelligence requirements to dig deeper and get a 360-degree view of your employees. This can help you create personalized HR programs for your employees and improve their success rates.

Qualetics is not just any analytics software that delivers top-of-the-surface insights. It leverages advanced Data Science technologies to find more than what’s apparently visible. We help you build smart data models that learn from past data, identify trends and contextualize information to deliver new and rich insights. Qualetics can harness any scale of data to extract insights, enrich it with other information to deliver a goldmine of visual information to your team.

Heathcare Intelligence Dashboard Qualetics

Qualetics HR Intelligence in Action

HR Intelligence strategy

HR Strategy

  • Strategy Design
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Decision Making
  • Workforce Planning
HR Recruitment

HR Recruitment

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • JD Development
  • Skill Requirement Analysis
  • Candidate Selection
HR talent management

Talent Management

  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Employee Sentiment Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
HR operations

HR Operations

  • Process Automation
  • Coverage Planning
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Team Management Dashboards

Qualetics For Next-Gen HR Strategies?

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