BFSI Data Intelligence

Do More With Your Data. Understand Customers. Enhance Service Quality.

Banks & Financial service providers are not new to leveraging data. A long history in harnessing data puts BFSI organizations in a strong position to leverage advanced Data Science technologies and embed data intelligence deep into their culture, decision-making processes, and business operations.

An On-Demand BFSI Intelligence platform

Qualetics, our on-demand data intelligence platform, assists Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance companies to leverage their data and extract data intelligence. Our platform provides actionable intelligence on customer service, risk modeling, fraud detection, forecasting, understanding consumer sentiment, customer segmentation, and target marketing, among others.

Qualetics is not just another analytics software. It is a platform that delivers data intelligence on your specific problems. We help you leverage deep Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, AI, NLP and computer vision, etc. to provide you with required data intelligence to solve your problems and drive growth.

BFSI Intelligence Dashboard Qualetics

Qualetics BFSI Intelligence in Action

BFSI Intelligence Risk Modelling

Risk Modelling

Apply Data Science technologies for credit risk modeling to analyze the defaulters, default rate and sharpen your lending strategies to drive performance and growth.

BFSI Intelligence Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Leverage Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create clustering tools to recognize trends and patterns in fraud detection.

BFSI Intelligence Product Development

Product Development

Delve into your customers' data to understand their needs, wants, and motivations. Use data intelligence to create financial products to drive market success.

BFSI Intelligence Lifetime Value Prediction

Lifetime Value Prediction

Use Predictive Analytics to predict customer lifetime value, identify high potential customers and accordingly invest company resources on them.

BFSI Intelligence Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Identify and segment your customers into groups based on common behaviors and run personalized marketing campaigns to drive conversions and upsell/cross-sell.

BFSI Intelligence Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Get data intelligence to address your specific problems on processes, strategy, and operations. Tell us about your problem and we will get you the right data intelligence to solve your problem.

Get Qualetics For Your BFSI Company

Did you know that Qualetics is the only platform that provides a comprehensive set of services to gather data and provide on-demand intelligence to Banking, Financial Services and Insurance providers? Contact us to know more.