Healthcare Data Intelligence

Harness Your Data. Improve Treatment Outcomes. Reduce Costs

The healthcare industry is constantly generating a voluminous amount of data. Patient’s medical history, EMRs, clinical trials, billing, wearables, social media, internet, articles, etc are some sources through which the industry generates data. Capturing the right data and extracting data intelligence from it can help healthcare providers to address many of their challenges like enhancing the patient experience, making care affordable & accessible, adherence to regulatory compliance easy and drive innovation.

An On-Demand Healthcare Intelligence Platform

Qualetics, our on-demand data intelligence platform, helps healthcare providers harness their data and derive incisive insights. Our platform provides actionable intelligence on patients, treatment outcomes, process management, and diagnosis to help them deliver better patient care, build new efficiencies, improve resource management and make new breakthroughs

Qualetics is not just another healthcare analytics software. It is a platform that delivers data intelligence on organization-specific problems. We help you leverage deep Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, AI, NLP and Predictive Analytics etc., to provide you with intelligence to solve your problems.

Heathcare Intelligence Dashboard Qualetics

Qualetics Healthcare Intelligence in Action

Heathcare Intelligence Medical Imaging Analysis

Medical Imaging Analysis

Apply Machine Learning techniques in medical images to quantify and analyze image data for automating pathological assessments. This will help you in the resource optimization of pathologies and improve assessment accuracy.

Heathcare Intelligence Personalized Care

Personalized Care

Unlock the value of patient data and take into account an individual’s differences in genes, environment and lifestyle choices, etc., to deliver personalized medication and care. This will help you boost treatment outcomes and save lives.

Heathcare Intelligence Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Put your data into action to understand your patients better and encourage their participation in the treatment plans. This will help patients maintain their health, reduce readmissions and keep care costs low.

Heathcare Intelligence Disease Diagnosis

Disease Diagnosis

Leverage AI and Machine Learning-driven algorithms & data models for faster and accurate diagnosis of critical diseases and improve treatment outcomes.

Heathcare Intelligence Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Harness your biological, clinical trials and health outcomes data and process it using data-driven models to speed-up your research programs and lower costs.

Heathcare Intelligence Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Leverage data science to address your organization-specific challenges. Tell us your problem and we will provide you with the right healthcare intelligence to address it.

Get Qualetics For Your Healthcare Organization

Did you know that Qualetics is the only on-demand platform that provides a comprehensive set of services to gather data and custom data solutions provide on-demand intelligence to healthcare providers? Contact us to know more.