Learning Data Machine

Our Data Machines are API Driven interactive tools that integrate with your platform gathering data in real-time, providing easily consumable, contextual and actionable intelligence.

When are learners active and what are they doing?

Standard Features:
Custom Data Filters, Filter Data by Organizational Hierarchy & Roles, Embeddable Insights, Subscription Alerts, Export to PDF & CSV, Collaboration Features such as Share Insights within your Organization & Comment, API Based Integration with your Apps.

What Does it Show?
Displays a visual representation of the of learner activity and behavior on a daily and hourly basis
Each hourly block presents a summary of the full range of learner activities occurring during that hour

Activity details summarized behind each hourly segment Easily filtered by such things as:

  • Date range
  • User group or sub-group
  • Course, Assessment, Section & Content Attributes

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?