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Why Qualetics?

Data is the new oil for businesses*. There are so many ways data intelligence can help businesses. It can help them make their processes intelligent, employees smart, products relevant, drive innovation and growth. However, there are many barriers to processing this data to extract meaningful insights from it. It needs considerable resources, infrastructure and investment to build an in-house data intelligence capability. Qualetics removes these barriers for businesses and helps transform every company into a data company cost-effectively and quickly.

Qualetics brings a unique platform-based DIaaS (Data Intelligence as a Service) model that helps you leverage deep Data Science technologies like Machine Learning, NLP, AI and Advanced Data Analytics, etc., to derive actionable insights from your data. It delivers intelligence in a ‘ready to action’ form with you walking the hard mile.

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Qualetics Data Intelligence Platform Dashboard

Barriers To Businesses Adopting Data Science

qualetics data intelligence features


  • Application Engineers
  • Database Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
qualetics data intelligence features

Domain Expertise

  • Opportunity costs
  • Deviation from the core business
qualetics data intelligence features


  • Extracting Data
  • Data Storage
  • Data Security
  • Data Transformation
qualetics data intelligence features


  • Visualization Platforms
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Rapidly changing technologies

How Qualetics Works?

Consulting- We discuss and understand your data needs or the business problem you want to solve. Our data scientists will then identify the data sets required to solve your problem.

Data Collection- We take your data or collect data directly from your source using an API. An account is created on the platform where your data is stored securely.

Data Cleaning- We clean and process your data leveraging various techniques to make it correct, consistent and useable.

Model Development- Depending upon the business problem in hand, we apply relevant data technologies to build a data model to process your data and get insights.

Data Insights & Visualization- All the insights and data intelligence is provided to you in a dashboard. We leverage advanced data visualization techniques to build dashboards rich with interactive graphs, charts, and reports. Dashboards can be accessed through a Secure and Dedicated Web Portal. The insights related to your data are continuously updated and available for your usage.

Key Features


Data Intelligence Platform Data Pipelines

Our API SDKs & Custom Data Pipelines offer two methods of secure data integration from your systems to Qualetics servers, allowing real-time and continuous data ingestion services.


Data Intelligence Platform Team

Our dedicated team of Data Scientists and Engineers are continuously involved in coding, model building, and other technology-related aspects to provide the best-in-class services.


Data Intelligence Platform Insights

Through a Secure and Dedicated Web Portal, Insights related to your data are continuously updated and available for your usage enabling you to acquire continuous data intelligence.


Data Intelligence Platform API

Our Advanced APIs allow for easy integration of insights and data-based Intelligence into your Products, Systems, and Processes, allowing efficiency in the delivery of services and intelligence.


Data Intelligence Platform Data Security

The data insights are protected using a robust security mechanism. Role-based access controls can be applied as per your business needs, enabling better security to your sensitive data.


Data Intelligence Platform Data Sharing

Parts of data insights like charts, graphs, and reports, etc., can be downloaded or emailed or embedded on a portal through code for further usage within your organization.

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